10 Best Greek Mythology Books You’ll Love

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10 Best Greek Mythology Books You'll Love

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This gripping novel is set in the heart of Ancient Greece and tells the story of its protagonist and heroine Clytemnestra.

Clytemnestra is the twin sister of Helen of Troy, and the book follows the story of this queen, warrior and mother as she fights to find her way in a male-dominated world. 

This novel weaves multiple narratives together. In other mythological retellings, Clytemnestra is often the villain.

Here, we see her through fresh eyes and a strong feminist perspective.

This unique, well-researched novel offers a compelling exploration of one of Greek mythologies' misunderstood characters. 


Circe is a mesmerizing page-turner by American novelist Madeline Miller. Circe, the daughter of the sun god Helios, is the protagonist of the story which is the retelling of Circe from Homer’s Odyssey. 

Circe is often unloved and overlooked, and she soon finds herself desperate for love and affection. Circe discovers her own talents for witchcraft but must navigate her place in the court of her abusive father and face love and terror in equal measure. 

This suspenseful and intoxicating read will be adored by lovers of Greek mythology.


The Women of Troy is Pat Barker’s second book in the retelling of the Trojan War, from a refreshingly feminist perspective. This moving, suspenseful and intimate novel is daring and gripping, filled with anti-war sentiments and surprisingly uplifting storylines. 

As the Greeks wait to return home, the story follows two sisters as they fight to survive in the Dark Ages. We also get a unique insight into the lives of the other women who were captured and enslaved once the Trojan Horse ploughed through the walls of Troy. 

Heroine Briseis is brave, courageous and loyal, and it’s a true homage to those who have been silenced throughout history. 


If you want to read more on the Trojan War, novelist Natalie Haynes retells the story from another all-female perspective in this epic novel about the struggles and costs of conflict. 

A Thousand Ships sheds light on the resilience and bravery of the women who were forced into a life of misery and submission by the Greeks.

This moving story reminds us that tragedy isn’t just about death, and readers will love the passion and angst that pierces through this novel. 

Although this novel received mixed reviews, it's an evocative, compelling read that promises to broaden your horizons and keep you on your toes. 


This allegorical novel by Andre Alexis is a unique fictional novel that follows the story of gods and brothers Hermes and Apollo, as they decide to give 15 dogs at a veterinary clinic the gift of human intellect.

If the dogs were not any more unhappy, Hermes would be Apollo’s servant for a year. If just one was happy by the end of its time, Hermes would win. 

This book may be short, but it’s destined to tug on your heartstrings.

Follow the dog's unique awakening into human awareness that will change everything for them, in this intriguing and heartfelt tale that you’ll be talking about for years to come. 


This novel recalls the true story of Asterion, also known as the Minotaur, the infamous half-bull of Greek mythology. In Philip W. Simpson’s book, Asterion recalls his own tales of boyhood and adolescence, and the adventures and loss he faced throughout his life. 

This beautiful retelling of a classic Greek myth sheds light on the events of the Labyrinth and includes unique storylines from Icarus and Daedalus which will leave you hungry for more!


Author Margaret George breathes new life into this classic Greek myth through a gripping retelling of the events of Troy, from the perspective of Helen.

Through Helen’s eyes, we experience her childhood in Sparta and her return to Troy, all the way through to her adolescence and the mourning of Menelaus. 

Fans of Greek mythology will love this unique look into the lives of one of Greek mythology's most talked about characters, in this emotional and gripping novel that you won’t want to put down. 


The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper is set in the brothels of Pompeii and recounts the complex story of Amara, an enslaved prostitute who must fight to survive and find peace in her life. 

As the loveable and resourceful Amara navigates life in the brothel, she finds comfort and joy in the other women who work there.

This well-researched novel explores themes of violence, horror and hope, and gives a voice to the women who were so often overlooked in history. 

This engrossing, modern tale puts a fresh spin on an ancient story and will give you plenty of food for thought.

Prepare to put this novel down feeling suitably moved, and hungry for more of the works of Elodie Harper! 


Author Jennifer Saint shines brightly with this beautiful retelling of the women at the core of Greek mythology.

Ariadne is all about how women must battle against the egos of other men, in a fascinating story that tells us more about Princess Ariadne’s life outside of her father Helios’s shadow.

Mythological fans of Madeline Miller will love this stunning tale which brings the stories of silenced women to the forefront. 

Family, loss, and freedom are some of the key themes explored in this moving feminist novel that will reignite your love for the forgotten tales of Greek mythology.

Don’t worry if you’re new to Greek mythology, either. This book is accessible to all, and everything you need to know is handed right to you in this captivating tale. 


Last up, we have Mythos by Stephen Fry. 

In this book, author and actor Stephen Fry explores some of the greatest Greek Myths in history, including the tales of Athena and Zeus, which are told with such humor, they become more relatable to a modern audience than ever before.

Get ready to explore cosmogony, the creation of the universe and much more, in this beautifully written book that will captivate Greek mythology lovers of all ages with its refreshing perspective. 

This book can be enjoyed by those with a broad understanding of mythology, and those who are entirely new to the scene. It’s accessible, fun, and utterly captivating. 

The Bottom Line

Greek mythology takes its readers on a journey through the stories of gods, heroes, and ancient rituals. These fascinating legends open their readers up to a whole new world that’s so rich and vibrant, you won’t leave it the same way you entered it. 

Greek mythology has been loved for centuries, and even today, authors continue to retell and rework some of the most timeless tales into fascinating retellings from truly unique perspectives. 

We hope you love taking a journey through time with these ten captivating Greek mythology books, even if you’re new to the scene! What’s your favorite Greek mythological tale? 

Sophie Andrea