What Year Does Harry Potter Take Place?

We all know the Harry Potter franchise. It’s one of the most successful franchises in existence.

The books continue to draw in massive profits for author J.K. Rowling, and multiple films and video games continue to be released, fleshing out the Wizarding World. 

What Year Does Harry Potter Take Place

However, because the series is so enduring, and it has played such an important part in the lives of so many generations of people, it is easy for people to lose track of exactly when the series takes place. 

The story feels almost timeless, and as though it could be taking place at any time in the real world. But what year exactly does the series take place? Which year does each book take place, and what is the farthest point in the franchise timeline? 

Join us below to find out, because we have all of the answers you could possibly need. And soon you will be able to consider yourself a true Potterhead!

What Year Does Harry Potter Take Place?

The first book in the Harry Potter franchise was first released in the summer of 1997, and though that fact may be hard to believe for some, this means that the first novel, and thus also the first film, in the franchise is set in 1991! 

Each book in the Harry Potter franchise then takes place a year later than the one before it, until the series reaches its final book!

The final book in the franchise takes place in 1998, as it is set seven years after the first, and explores Harry’s time in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Curious about how old is Harry Potter throughout the books? We would be, too!

What Is The Furthest Point In The Harry Potter Timeline? 

The furthest point in the timeline of the mainline Harry Potter series is the 1st of September of 2017, the day that Harry and Ginny send their child to Hogwarts to attend their first year at the magical school. 

However, this does not take into account The Cursed Child, which actually covers Harry Potter’s son’s first years at the Hogwarts school.

The play and the book end during his fourth year at the Hogwarts school, which suggests that the furthest part of the Harry Potter timeline currently is the year 2020!

What Year Does The First Chapter Of Harry Potter Take Place?

As with any popular epic novel series, there are also a number of chapters and storylines that take place before the events of the main series.

The first chapter of the Harry Potter franchise sees the titular character delivered to the doorstep of his adoptive home on Privet Drive. This chapter actually takes place in November of 1981, the year that Harry Potter was born. 

This makes sense with the established timeline of the series, as Harry is around 10 to 11 years old in the first book of the series. 

When Does The Fantastic Beasts Series Take Place?

The Fantastic Beasts franchise of films and spin-off books is actually set in the 1920s and acts as a sort of prequel to the main Harry Potter books.

The books and the films follow the exploits of Newt Scamander, the fictional author and magizoologist who wrote the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them books that exist within the world of the films!

So, Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter are indeed connected in more ways than one!

Why Does The Harry Potter Series Take Place In The 90s?

The main reason that the Harry Potter series of books takes place in the 90s is that the books were actually originally written in the 90s. The first book in the series was released in the summer of 1997, and the first book takes place in 1991.

This meant that, as the franchise went on, and as Harry experienced more years at the school of Hogwarts, it was necessary for each book to also be set in the 1990s. 

How Long Is A Year At Hogwarts?

Each year at Hogwarts is structured very similarly to how schools are structured in the UK! Each year is split into three distinct terms, and those terms are then broken up by holidays that allow the students to celebrate popular national holidays. 

This is displayed in the books, where some of the students remain on campus to celebrate Christmas. The other term breaks occur in spring and summertime.

Easter allows the students to take some time off, while the bridge between school years takes the form of a 9-week summer holiday. 

How Long Has Hogwarts Been Around?

The Hogwarts school is a very well-established and renowned fixture of the Wizarding World. The school was actually founded in 990 A.D. by the most prominent wizards that existed in that age.

The founders of the school lent their names to the various houses that populate the Hogwarts school. 

Wondering in what year does Harry Potter take place, are you?

How Old Is Harry Potter In The Books?

The first book in the Harry Potter franchise is set in 1991 when Harry is 11 years of age. The series then ends when Harry is around 17, attending his final year at the school in 1997. 

Harry Potter is then around 37 years old when he shows up in the prologue scene that occurs in both the original books and the films, which sees Harry sending his young son off to Hogwarts to attend his first year at the school.

To Wrap Up

The Harry Potter franchise may have only been around since 1997, but it has had an immeasurable impact on popular culture in the years since the first book was released.

Thanks to the timeless nature of the story, it is easy to become confused as to when the series takes place, but now you know for sure that the main story takes place over the years 1991 and 1997!

Sophie Andrea