Is Stephen King Still Alive?

Stephen King is perhaps one of the modern age’s most successful and prolific authors of the modern age. His works have not only proven to be incredibly financially successful, but they have also played a heavily significant role in popular culture even to this very day.

Is Stephen King Still Alive?

However, because Stephen King has been writing for some many years at this point, many people often find themselves wondering whether he is still alive! In fact, the belief that Stephen King may be dead has proven so common, that you are reading this article right now! 

Are you finding yourself wondering whether Stephen King is still alive? You are definitely not alone! Join us down below, because we are going to find out whether Stephen King is still alive, and what else you could possibly need to know about the prolific author!

Is Stephen King Still Alive?

Yes. Although he is currently 75 years of age, and although his last published work was released in 2018, Stephen King is still very much alive. 

Perhaps one key reason why many believe that Stephen King is dead is because of his rocky past, and his many near-death experiences. 

Has Stephen King Nearly Died?

Stephen King’s name has long been tied up with controversy, thanks to his long history with drugs.

Stephen King, during the 1980s, became so dependent on substances that he actually now has no recollection of writing Cujo, one of his most famous novels, and he also turned up drunk at his own mother’s funeral.

His addiction to drugs and alcohol completely consumed Stephen King’s life for some time, so much so that his family and friends had to intervene and implore him to seek professional help.

Ever since the intervention by his friends, Stephen King has been completely sober, and has been able to turn his life around and build an incredible career! 

However, in 1999, King’s life was very nearly cut short when he was accidentally struck by a car while out for a walk near his home at around 4:30 PM. The accident left King gravely injured, and the driver was imprisoned for up to six months for dangerous driving.

Though he was not ultimately killed in the accident, he was on the verge of death for some time as paramedics rushed to his aid, and countless doctors nursed him back to health.

King’s injuries as a result of the accident kept him in hospital for some time, and interrupted his usual writing schedule, considerably delaying the completion of his current work at the time On Writing.

In fact, the injuries to King’s hips were so bad that he could only sit upright for around 40 minutes before he found himself in totally unbearable pain.

How Many Books Has Stephen King Written?

Because Stephen King’s name has been attached to so many massively influential properties, including films, television shows, and novels, it is very easy for people to completely lose track of exactly how many books Stephen King has actually written

As of the time of writing this, Stephen King has now written 64 novels, five non-fiction books, and well over 200 short stories that are collected in various print works across his career. 

This is a totally incredible number that continues to blow the minds of those that learn it. Though Stephen King has yet to publish any new work since 2018, it would not be surprising if he were to grace the world with another book sometime soon!

Is Stephen King Still Alive?

What Was Stephen King’s First Book?

The first book by Stephen King that was officially published was the 1974 hit, Carrie. The book was immediately successful thanks to its horrifying story of a teenage girl who suffers under the hands of bullies and her overbearing mother and develops frightening telekinetic powers. 

The book would prove to be successful that it was also adapted into a feature-length film in the form of 1976’s Carrie, which also proved to be a success unto itself.

When Was Stephen King Born?

Stephen King was born on September 21st, 1947, in Portland, Maine, in the United States. He was raised mostly by his mother after his father left the family when King was only two years of age. 

When King was around 11 years of age, he also witnessed the death of a close friend, after his friend was struck by a passing train. King still claims to have no recollection of the event, but his family recalls him returning home completely shell-shocked.

Many fans believe that this death was a formative one in informing King’s unique literary style, and the darker subject matter of his work. 

How Many Of Stephen King’s Works Have Been Adapted?

Of course, because Stephen King’s writings have proven to be so massively successful, it is no surprise that so many of his works have been adapted into visual media. 

Currently, there are 60 films that have been produced based on Stephen King’s work, and there are 15 television series that have been based on his work. 

This is a truly staggering figure that makes it clear just how impactful Stephen King has proven to be in the pop culture landscape, and how influential his work has continued to be across the decades! 

To Wrap Up

As you can now see, Stephen King is in fact very much still alive, despite the fact that he has had a few close brushes with death as a result of substance abuse and car accidents. 

Stephen King has continued to write throughout his career, and even now, in his 70s, King continues to produce fictional and non-fictional works that often sell high numbers of copies.

As well as this, his existing body of work continues to influence new writers and filmmakers, as evidenced by the continued presence of adaptations of his works!

Sophie Andrea