Is Audible Free With Prime?

It is common for those who love audiobooks to wonder whether their monthly amazon prime payment covers Audible. You might expect the answer to this to be an obvious yes, no answer.

Is Audible Free With Prime

However, this is not the case. If you’re wondering whether Amazon Prime includes Audible, read on! 

What Is Audible? 

Audible is an audiobook subscription service. It is the largest in the world of this type of subscription service. Audible is owned by Amazon, and this is why a lot of people believe that it is included in the Amazon Prime subscription. 

On Audible, there are over 470,000 book titles available for you to choose from, so with this subscription service, you will be able to listen to whatever books (see also: How To Listen To Audio Books)you want! 

How Does Audible Work?

Audible is a subscription service that allows you to have access to an endless number of books that Audible provides. With the membership, you will be able to listen to Audible on any of your devices, including your computers, tablets or smartphones.

You can also use Audible on your kindle and any Alexa-enabled devices. 

Is Audible Free With Prime?

An Audible membership is not included with your prime membership, against popular belief. If you would like to subscribe to Audible, you will need to sign up separately to an Audible account.

There are some Audible benefits that you get with your prime membership, however, and these will be explored below.

Included With Your Prime Membership

While the full subscription to Audible is not included with your Prime membership, there are many other benefits that are included with Prime. These include: 

Free Amazon Prime Audiobooks

With Amazon Prime membership, you won’t have access to all of the audiobooks. However, you will have access to some books as Amazon offers some free audiobooks.

There is a whole library of over 1000 audiobooks that are free for Prime members. 

There are also free comics and magazines available for the members to access for free. The books that are available for free are on rotation. They change throughout the year, and so the books are always different.

If you want access to more of these books, though, you will need to pay for the membership. 

Discounted Membership 

Those who have a prime membership are also offered a discounted membership on Amazon Prime day. This is a very substantial discount and so you can become an Audible member for a lot less than everyone else.

This is also offered at various other parts of the year, on certain special occasions. Keep an eye out for this offer as it can save you a lot of money! #

As a prime member you should look out for Prime day anyway – lots of different pros and cons are offered to you! 

Free Trial 

Audible also offers a free trial. This is a great way to test out whether Audible is for you or not. You can try Audible for 30 days to see if you enjoy the audiobooks or use them.

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When you sign up you can also get 2 audiobook credits that you are able to exchange for audiobooks that you will be able to keep forever.

The trial is a fantastic way to test whether Audible is worth trying out, as you have to pay extra for the subscription to audible on top of your Amazon Prime membership.

Is It Worth Paying For An Audible Membership?

Audible memberships are not included with Amazon Prime, and so you will be paying more money each month to Amazon if you opt to start an Audible membership, too. 

For many people, Audible is great, and they can’t see their life without it. However, many people find that they do not use their membership enough for it to be worth the cost.

Some people think that it is worth not paying the monthly fee and instead finding their audiobooks through other means. This is mostly for those who do not regularly use Audiobooks, and would not get their money’s worth.

Why Isn’t Audible Included In Prime?

There are many reasons why Amazon Prime memberships do not include Audible. There are lots of things that are involved free with the Amazon Prime membership, and adding too many more things onto this will drive the price of the membership up way more.

Because Audiobooks are quite a specific thing that not everyone would want to be included in their subscription, it may not be worth it for a lot of people.

Amazon will make more money from adding an extra subscription to the existing one than they would from making their existing customers pay more for their membership. This might result in them losing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Audible For Prime Members?

Prime members don’t get a discount when it comes to getting an Audible membership. You will pay the same amount of money if you want an Audible membership whether you have an existing Amazon Prime account or not. 

However, you will be able to get Audible at a cheaper rate if you have a Prime membership and you sign up on Prime day.

How Can I Get Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

It is not possible to get Audible free with Amazon Prime. You will have to pay a membership fee if you want access to all that Audible has to offer. When you pay for the membership of Audible, you will have access to a wide range of audiobooks.

There is something on Audible for everyone, and you will not be disappointed with the number of available books there are. 

Final Thoughts 

Audible is not included in your Prime membership. You will pay an extra monthly fee if you want to have access to all of the audiobooks that Audible provides.

There is a list of free audiobooks that are available to those with a prime membership, though. However, there is nowhere near the same amount of books available as there is when you have the membership.

Sophie Andrea