How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited

The invention of the Kindle, a portable electronic device that allows you to read massive amounts of books all in the palm of your hand, revolutionized the act of reading. 

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited

Along with other wireless e-readers, the Kindle made it so that book fans would no longer have to heave around a heavy pile of books with them wherever they went.

Instead, they could simply read it all on a lightweight electronic device.

Amazon, the creators of the Kindle, then created a subscription program for the device called Kindle Unlimited.

The idea behind it was that customers could subscribe for a monthly fee, and then get access to as many eBooks as they wanted through their device, without having to buy each new one individually. 

While the subscription plan can be handy, it has its limitations. For one thing, you can only “borrow” a total of 10 books at a time, and only save 20 in your library.

Swapping the titles out for new ones, though, is fairly easy. 

On top of that, Kindle Unlimited may give you access to over a million books, loads of magazines, and 2000 audiobooks, but it doesn’t give you access to every single book that Amazon has available as e-books.

So, while you’ll have more than enough books at your disposal, it may not be every title that you’re looking for.

As a result, some customers may want to cancel their Kindle Unlimited subscription. But how do you do it?

We’ve got the answers for you! In our detailed guide below, we’ll take you through the steps of how to cancel Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon’s website has loads of subpages, which can make it difficult to sometimes find what you’re looking for. Thankfully, you’ll find it easy with our help!

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited

There are two ways that you can cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription. One way is via your Amazon account page on the Amazon website, and the other is through your Kindle account page.

We’re going to explain how to do both of them.

When you’re signed up to Kindle Unlimited, you pay a monthly fee for it on a set date each month.

If you want to cancel your subscription, make sure that you do it before the next monthly fee, otherwise you’ll get charged for another month. With that being said, you’ll keep access to Kindle Unlimited until the end of your paid month’s period.

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited From Your Amazon Account Page

Step One: Finding Kindle Unlimited

Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account.

Once you’re signed in, hover your cursor over the button at the top right of the screen that says “Hello, [your name] – Accounts & Lists”. 

A drop down menu will appear with loads of options. About halfway down the list, you’ll find one saying “Kindle Unlimited”. Click it!

Step Two: Look Over Your Kindle Unlimited Membership

You will now be taken to a page that shows your Kindle Unlimited membership, with details of your plan and when it renews each month. 

Ideally, your renewal date hasn’t just passed, and you’re going to be able to cancel before it does again.

Step Three: Canceling Kindle Unlimited

On the bottom left of this page, you’ll see a button that says “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”. Click it.

You’ll then get a page asking if you’re sure that you want to cancel. If you’re sure, then click the bottom button that says “Cancel Membership”. 

Step Four: Canceled

If all goes well, you’ll now get a confirmation page stating that your Kindle Unlimited subscription has been canceled.

You’ll be able to continue using the service right up until your last paid billing period ends.

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited From Your Kindle Account Page

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited From Your Kindle Account Page

The process for canceling your Kindle Unlimited via your Kindle Account page is very similar, so it should be easy. 

Step One: Log In To Kindle Unlimited

First off, you need to log in to your Kindle Unlimited account.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an overview page of your subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which is similar to the page in the other guide. 

Step Two: Canceling Kindle Unlimited

As with the other guide, you want to find the gray button at the left of the screen that says “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”. 

When you click this button, you’ll be taken to a page asking you if you’re sure you want to cancel the membership.

If you’re still sure you want to, simply click the second button, which says “Cancel membership”. It looks similar to the one that says “Keep my membership”, so be careful! 

Step Three: Canceled

You’re done! You should get a confirmation page telling you that your Kindle Unlimited membership has been canceled.

As with the other guide, you can continue using Kindle Unlimited for the month that you paid for, but no further.

How Can You Check That Your Kindle Unlimited Is Canceled?

If you’re having any doubts that the cancelation process has actually worked, there are ways to check that it has. After all, you don’t want to be losing more money by staying subscribed longer than you want.

An easy way to check is by looking in your email inbox. Whenever you make a change to a subscription on Amazon, they’ll send you an email informing you about it.

This is especially true when you cancel a subscription, so have a search through your relevant email’s inbox for an email confirming the Kindle Unlimited cancellation. 

On the other hand, you can check the Kindle Unlimited overview page via Amazon. Here you’ll find the details of your subscription, such as when you began it, when it ends, and when it renews (if it’s active).

Naturally, this means that you will find confirmation that you are no longer subscribed to it. 

Final Thoughts

Canceling your Kindle Unlimited membership on Amazon can be difficult, but it’s easy if you follow our straightforward guide!

Sophie Andrea