How Many Heartstopper Books Are There?

If you’ve been watching the Netflix hit, Heartstopper, you may want to take a look at the books they’re based on. Originally published on Tumblr and Tapas as a webcomic by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper has been published as a graphic novel since 2019.

However, that doesn’t mean that the story ends there. Along with Heartstopper, Alice Oseman has written a selection of novels that are perfect for any Heartstopper fan. 

How Many Heartstopper Books Are There?

How Many Heartstopper Books Are There?

Officially, four Heartstopper books have been released. The first volume was released in 2019, followed closely by the second. Volume Three was released in 2020, and the fourth volume was released in 2021.

However, that doesn’t mean that all of the volumes have been released, with the fifth and final volume expected to be released in 2023. 

However, if you can’t wait for more, you can always take a look at The Heartstopper Yearbook. As a companion to the comics, this book was released with extra information about each character and includes an exclusive mini-comic. 

Who Writes Heartstopper? 

Alice Oseman is the creator of Heartstopper. Oseman was born in October 1994 and goes by she/her and they/them pronouns. Oseman has regularly written about issues regarding LGBT+ relationships, mental health issues, and friendship.

As they continue writing, Oseman has also talked about her own relationship with academic pressure and how that has impacted some of her writing. 

Oseman first published Heartstopper as a webcomic in 2016, with Nick and Charlie first appearing in her first novel: Solitaire. She wanted to explore their story in the webcomic, and since then, it’s been praised for its accessibility to all readers. 

In many cases, Oseman has taken a considerable influence in her work from her own life. In fact, her 2020 novel Loveless was based on her own experiences upon realizing that she’s an aromantic asexual. 

Alice Oseman’s Other Works

The good news for everyone is that there’s even more Heartstopper-related content to look out for. Along with the four currently-published volumes of the graphic novel, you’ll find there are other books that are related to it.

While all of Alice Oseman’s books can easily be read as standalones, you’ll find that these books feature characters from the well-loved series. 


Solitaire was Alice Oseman’s debut novel, and it’s centered on Tori Spring, who most Heartstopper fans will recognize as Charlie’s older sister. In a way, Heartstopper is a prequel to Heartstopper, but all of these books can also be read as standalone stories.

You’ll find that although Charlie and Nick make an appearance, they’re not the main focus of this novel. However, you’ll love this story if you enjoyed Tori’s appearances in Heartstopper!

Nick And Charlie

Nick and Charlie is a short novella that focuses on the titular characters. It takes place over a year after the fourth volume of Heartstopper. As Nick is a year older than Charlie, he’s also heading off to uni earlier.

The whole focus of this novella is about whether their relationship can handle Nick being at university while Charlie stays in sixth form. If you want to get a glimpse of Nick and Charlie’s relationship in the future, then it’s a great novella to look at.

It’s also deeply relatable as they look at real concerns over the future of their relationship. 

How Many Heartstopper Books Are There?

This Winter

This Winter is a short novella about the Spring siblings, Tori, Charlie (and their younger brother, Oliver) as they navigate the holiday season. It’s not the happiest book, with the focus being about how difficult the months preceding the holidays are.

It follows the events of the fourth volume, and so you’ll find that it’s more about how the Spring family is coping. It’s also set in the winter before Solitaire. If you want a more introspective look into the Spring family, then this could be a good choice for you.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence is set after the events of Nick and Charlie. The focus is on Frances Janvier, a hardworking student, who to everyone else has a sole focus on attending Cambridge University.

However, no-one realizes how big of a nerd she really is, as she spends her free time drawing fanart for her favorite podcast: Universe City. Elsewhere, the creator of the podcast: Radio Silence, wants her to be the official artist of the podcast.

Throughout the novel, Frances realizes that she doesn’t want to study English literature, as she discovers more about Radio Silence’s life. 

I Was Born For This

I Was Born For This has been described by Alice Oseman as being a story about hero worship and obsession. It’s not only about hero worship, but the power of internet friendships, and the dreams you have while young.

Following Angel Rahimi, a girl obsessed with The Ark, and how fandom has allowed her to grow as a person. It’s a true reality of a teenager growing up in contemporary society, and a heartbreakingly accurate novel about how dreams don’t always match up to reality. 


Loveless is about eighteen year old Georgia as she attends her first year of university with her friends. She’s never had a relationship, but has always loved romance. After her friend confesses his feelings to her, she doesn’t understand why she can’t reciprocate his feelings.

She wonders if she’s into girls, and ultimately, realizes she’s not into anyone. This is one of Alice Oseman’s most deeply personal novels, and focuses on the importance of platonic love as well as romantic love. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re waiting for the latest volume of Heartstopper, or even hoping to get into the graphic novels before the second season comes out, then don’t worry.

Alice Oseman’s novels all focus on similar themes, and are focused on growing up in contemporary society. All of these novels are easy to read, and tackle mental health issues and have a strong representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

So, if you’re looking for some uplifting stories, feel free to delve into Alice Oseman’s world.

Sophie Andrea