10 Best Colleen Hoover Books You’ll Love

Colleen Hoover is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of primarily romance. Her novels garner a lot of attention, and luckily for us, there are a lot of them.

10 Best Colleen Hoover Books You’ll Love

Her works are classified as New Adult, Young Adult, and Women’s Fiction. If you tend to gravitate toward this genre, then this list is perfect for you.

Even if you do not usually read these genres, there is nothing stopping you from at least trying one of the books on this list. 

Most of her novels are standalone in the New Adult age range, but you should be aware that a lot of Colleen Hoover’s books deal with intense subjects that can be triggering for some.

1. November 9

Fallon and Ben meet at a restaurant on November 9 and strike up an instant connection. Fallon is an actress and a passionate reader, while Ben is an aspiring writer.

But Fallon is leaving the next day for a cross-country move, and she believes she will be unprepared for a meaningful relationship for the next five years (until she turns 23).

So they resolve to pursue their lives and date other people while only seeing each other once a year on November 9.

They would have no further communication with one other save on that one day of the year.

The novel covers the duo’s time together year after year, with an alternating POV for both protagonists on the same day.

As this narration progresses, you will feel the tension start to rise off of the pages (or screen) and paired with the twists and turns – this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf. 

2. Ugly Love

Tate Collins knows it’s not love at first sight when she meets Miles Archer, she knows it is not love at first sight.

They wouldn’t even consider themselves to be pals.

Tate and Miles have nothing in common except an overwhelming mutual desire.

Once their wants are revealed, they discover they have the ideal situation. He doesn’t desire love, and she doesn’t have time for love, therefore the only option is sex.

Their arrangement may be remarkably smooth, as long as Tate follows Miles’s only two restrictions.

What makes this book so good is that it is realistic when it comes to relationships.

You may find yourself jumping for joy, crying, or getting frustrated at the characters but it adds to the human element and will leave you thinking about it for days and days afterward. 

3. Without Merit

The Voss family is far from ordinary. Dollar Voss, the newly baptized, lives in a converted church.

The father is married to the mother’s former nurse, the tiny half-brother isn’t permitted to do or eat anything enjoyable, and the elder siblings are irritatingly flawless. There’s also Merit.

Fed up with the family’s fake narritive, Merit intends to destroy the happy family façade that she’s never been a part of before leaving them behind for forever.

Without Merit is a moving and powerful exploration of the layers of lies that bind a family together, as well as the power of love and truth.

It’s a slow-burning narrative that ultimately catches you completely off guard. When reading this book, the most important thing to remember is that perspective affects everything.

The story shows rather than tells. It’s raw, honest, and heart-breaking. However, it is also tremendously heart-warming and restorative.

It sends a strong message while dealing with difficult themes with elegance.

4. It Ends with Us

The protagonist of this book, Lily has not always had such an easy life, but that hasn’t stopped her from striving for everything she wants.

Coming a long way since growing up in a little village in Maine, Lily graduated from college, relocated to Boston, and established a business.

So when Lily develops feelings for a very handsome, charming neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in her life seems like it could almost be too good to be true.

This is the narrative of a woman’s battle to escape the cycle of violence and rise above to establish a safe life not just for herself but for her kid.

A tearjerker, this book is not only motivating but also one of those works that leave an everlasting impact on a reader’s heart.

5. Confess


Auburn Reed had already lost everything in life at the age of twenty-one. She has her goals in sight in her struggle to restore her broken life, and there is no space for error.

But when she wanders into a Dallas art studio looking for work, she does not expect to fall in love with the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.

Auburn takes a gamble and lets her emotions guide her, only to learn that Owen is keeping a significant secret hidden from her.

The gravity of his history threatens to ruin everything vital to Auburn, and the only way to restore order to her existence is to cut Owen out of it.

Owen only needs to confess to preserve their friendship. However, in this scenario, the confession may be even more damaging than the offense itself.

Confess is a modern romance title from social media phenomenon Colleen Hoover that will tear your heart and put it back together again.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this book: it’s tender, adorable, interesting, heart breaking, and passionate.

With this book, Colleen Hoover has undoubtedly created yet another convoluted tale of love and familial relationships.

6. Regretting You

When Morgan became pregnant with their daughter, Clara, she felt forced to marry her high school sweetheart, Chris.

Morgan is adamant that her kid would not make the same errors she made.

Morgan put her own goals on hold by becoming pregnant and marrying at a young age. Clara is not interested in following in her mother’s footsteps. Her predictable mother is not spontaneous in the least.

Morgan and Clara’s coexistence is becoming increasingly difficult as their personalities clash and their aims diverge.

Chris—husband, Morgan’s Clara’s father, and the family anchor—is the only one who can bring calm to the home.

But Chris’s tranquillity is broken when he is engaged in a devastating and suspicious accident. The tragic and long-term effects will affect more than just Morgan and Clara.

7. Layla

Leeds believes he’ll spend the rest of his life with Layla until a surprise attack leaves her fighting for her life. Layla heals physically after weeks in the hospital, but the emotional and mental scars has changed the woman Leeds fell in love with.

Leeds, who is estranged from Layla, quickly finds consolation in Willow, another B&B visitor with whom he builds a bond via their shared difficulties.

As his interest in Willow deepens, his resolve to assist her in finding answers puts him directly in conflict with Layla’s well-being.

Leeds quickly understands that he has made a decision since he cannot be there for both of them. But if he makes the wrong decision, it may be disastrous for all of them.

8. Verity

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer, albeit a struggling one. Things get worse though because she loses her mother only a week ago, and she’s going to be evicted, so she has nothing left to lose when she meets with her agency to discuss her next project.

On her way there, she observes a fatal accident and is assisted to clean up by a stranger who happens to be there as well and turns out to be Jeremy Crawford, the husband of bestselling novelist Verity Crawford.

Jeremy hires Lowen to go over Verity’s notes (see also: Verity Book Review)in order to write another book in her series that she was unable to finish owing to her accident.

Lowen comes to the Crawford residence, eager to look through years of Verity’s notes and outlines in the hopes of finding enough to get the book started.

Among these notes however, Lowen finds an autobiography that Verity wasn’t able to finish and never meant for anybody to read.

Page after page of disturbing revelations, including Verity’s remembrance of the night her family’s lives were permanently changed.

Verity is a story that will fully absorb your attention, defined by three narrators who cannot be trusted, each with their own unique inner motives.

Hoover works really hard to create a strong sense of tension, anxiety, mistrust, and danger at every axis point in this plot; it’s truly incredible.

9. Reminders of Him

After serving five years in jail for a horrible accident, Kenna Rowan comes back to the town in which it took place with the goal of mending things with her four year old daughter.

But, no matter how hard Kenna strives to redeem herself, no one is letting her in. 

A local bar owner called Ledger Ward and one of the few surviving ties to Kenna’s daughter, is the only one who hasn’t entirely abandoned her.

Despite the strain, the two build a bond, but as their passion increases, so does the risk.

Kenna must find a way to forgive herself for her faults in order to establish a future of hope and healing.

We begin to put together the fragmented bits of this young woman’s life through a sequence of letters that read more like journal entries than letters intended to be read by another and seek to offer the reader an intimate glimpse into Kenna’s character.

This wonderfully heartbreaking narrative should be on everyone’s list of must-reads.

10. Too Late

Sloan is the nicest thing that could have happened to Asa. If you ask Asa, he’ll tell you he’s the finest thing that’s ever happened to Sloan.

Despite Sloan’s disdain of Asa’s nefarious lifestyle, he does precisely what he needs to do to keep his firm ahead of the competition.

He also does whatever he needs to do to keep one step ahead of Sloan.

As heart-breaking as readers may find this book, you will want nothing more but to continue the story to see how it unfolds.

Having said this, it is only recommended to those who are okay with reading about violence. Knowing what you are getting into will make it much easier to avoid triggers.  


Colleen Hoover’s books are loved by many due to their riveting plot twists and storylines that drive the story forward for readers keeping them on the edge of their seats, who are both sucked into the twists and turns but also the romance that can be similar to a fairytale but also can be that of nightmares – and sometimes both. 

Other than the 10 on this list, there are many Colleen Hoover books out there as she has been publishing her stories since 2012.

Also, there seems to be no sign of her slowing down because she already has some more in the pipeline which are heavily anticipated.

Sophie Andrea